Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Always Comes Back to Marketing Fundamentals

I was thinking today about the state of our local and national economy, and why some businesses went out of business. The one that came to mind first was a coffee and wine shop in an upper-middle class part of Denver - who recently went out of business 4-6 weeks ago.

The e-mail they sent (which came as kind of a shock to me) mentioned they couldn't keep pace with the rising price of food and liquor. And that's why they had to close their doors.

I don't deny that inflation in food and energy is real, and affects most traditional businesses today. However, if they had marketed more effectly, and gave their customers more opportunities to buy from their website (instead of purchasing only at their physical store), I think their chances of survival would have been much greater.

One idea would be to have a recurring purchase program for coffees and/or wines. A Coffee or Wine of the Month club. As I mentioned in my last post, too many business owners make one or two sales per customer, and don't follow up with additional offerings. As a result, they have to keep trying to get new customers - which is a lot more difficult and expensive than re-selling to the customers you already have.

The more I learn and re-learn good business, copywriting and marketing skills, the more I believe that success in business and any area of life boils down to mastering the basics. It's not always the flashiest or sexiest approach, but it almost always results in business success.

Too many cool yuppies (who I call 'posers') seem to be obsessed with looking good at all costs, and often overlook the basic fundamentals of good business marketing, which should be based on results.

It's not this Madison Avenue-type 'branding' nonsense, which says that you need to get your business name out there often enough and people will eventually buy from you. No way.

If you aren't getting the business and marketing results that you want, then your business needs to go on a direct-response marketing diet for at least 3 months. Then you'll know which ads and marketing are working, and which ones aren't.

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