Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Best-Written Ads Are Worthless Without This Element

Some marketing experts say the offer is the most important part of an ad. While I agree that a sales letter MUST have a great offer, it's not the most critical part. I'll give you a hint: It's the sentence that caused you to read my post.

Also known as the headline.

The words you use in a headline should fuel your target audience's greatest desire - or calm their greatest fear. Think about the questions Baby Boomers may be asking themselves:

- How can I make and save enough money to live well in my golden years?
- What can I eat, and how can I exercise to staying looking and feeling young?
- What can I do to keep my libido strong into old age?

Here's some examples of headlines that address these questions:

How To Invest Like Warren Buffett, and Live Comfortably When You Retire
The 'Superfood' You MUST Eat To Reverse The Aging Process
Three Little-Known Nutrients You Need To Supercharge Your Sex Drive!

By knowing your target audience's 'hot buttons,' or what motivates them the most, is the biggest key to writing an effective headline. This will ensure more people read your ad, and increase your chances for a higher response rate.

Here's a good post from Kevin Nunley about headlines that will energize your ads, sales letters and web copy: http://www.sitetube.com/web-writing/seven-headlines.shtml.