Monday, October 31, 2005

Why Copywriting Is The Most Important Part of Your Marketing

The more I write for myself and for other clients, the more I’m convinced that the right words are without a doubt THE most important part of your marketing. Flashy image or “branding” type ads can get your prospect’s attention, maybe make him or her laugh or be impressed for a short amount of time.

It’s like seeing a 4th of July fireworks display. You may see some nice sights and sounds, but they won’t last in your prospect’s mind much longer than you’ll remember the fireworks.

More importantly – these flash-in-the-pan type ads can be very scary for your bank account. Why? Because these cutesy, ‘brand-building’ ads don’t tell your prospect WHY your company, product or service is better than your competition. And today, consumers are more skeptical than ever.

They’re bombarded with these same kind of flashy ads that all look and sound the same. Even if someone sees your ad, there’s no guarantee they’re really paying attention. Americans’ attention spans have never been real long, and they seem to be getting shorter all the time.

When you use direct-response marketing, you’ve got a prospect’s time and attention. Once you have this important asset, then you can tell your full story about who you are and what you can do for the reader.

If you don’t want to hire a professional copywriter, there’s a way you can learn this important skill. My friend Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is a top-notch copywriter who also teaches others how to improve their copywriting and public relations skills.

To learn how Lorrie can help your business, click here:

Being the skeptical business guy that I am, I don’t recommend anyone to friends, associates or acquaintances that doesn’t know their business pretty darn well. I think it’s downright frightening to not give good, solid business-building information to folks that read what I have to say.

My reputation is on the line when I make a ‘reco’ to anyone. Especially when it concerns your business, bank account and family.

I met Lorrie last summer at a marketing seminar here in Denver. Besides being a top-notch copywriter, she’s a great person as well. If you’re serious about learning the art of copywriting, Lorrie’s one of the best copywriters to learn from.

If you want to take your marketing, business and bank account to the next level, click here You’ll also want to subscribe to her e-zine. I always learn (or re-learn) great copywriting and marketing tips in each issue.

That’s all for now - Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!