Thursday, July 20, 2006

Check Out Ryan's Blog

Here's another good blogsite with excellent content, from copywriter Ryan Healy. I met Ryan at a copywriting seminar last fall, he's a great guy who knows his business very well. Go to Ryan's Blog, and you'll find solid marketing and copy advice, plus a recommended reading list of all-time copywriting classics.

I don't give my endorsement to anyone unless they know their stuff and they're good people to deal with, and Ryan is definitely in both of these categories. He believes in writing 'honest copy,' which in my opinion is the only and best kind of copy to write - especially in the super-skeptical world we live in.

Check out Ryan's Blog for good, useful marketing and copywriting information.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Keep In Touch With Your Customers

I chose this topic because I've been guilty of this mistake over the past few months. Life got busy at the start of this year and I was going to "get to it later." Unfortunately, I didn't get a 'tuit' until today.

It's important that you keep in contact with your customers and prospects, and the best way to do that is through an electronic newsletter, also known as an e-zine. Alexandria (Ali) Brown can show you how to skyrocket your sales by typing a simple e-mail and clicking the 'Send' button. Click here to learn how.

Remember, if you're not staying in touch with your customers, your competition probably is. If you're providing valuable information, products and/or services, your customers will see you as a welcome online guest. People's attention spans are very short nowadays, you have to stay in fairly constant contact to keep your business in the front of their mind.

Check out Ali's site and subscribe to her free e-zine. It has a lot of great information you can use to increase your profits by writing a simple e-mail, and hitting the 'Send' button. How simple is that?